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    Dried Ingredients

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    Dried Tropical Fruits

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    Sustainable Farming

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About Us

We are growers and processors of dried tropical fruits, vegetables, chilies & other spices. Our guarantee of quality extends beyond processing and to crop plantation and harvesting. Our dried fruits and spices do not use anything artificial in the entire supply chain process right from crop plantation to final finished ingredient. We don't just process food, we grow it.

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Our factory is  BRC- A certified. It also adheres to USFDA FSMA regulations. Our farms are Organic & Rainforest Alliance certified.

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Product Categories

Product Safety

Building upon our promise of quality, together we will elevate your experience by making Elven Agri your preferred ingredients partner.

Laboratory analysis
Taste tests
Seamless customer service

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We provide ingredients that have wide industry applications such as

Apple Banana Strawberry Pinapple

Bakery, Meats, Sauces, Snacks,
Dressings, Prepared foods,

Our Production

Fruit Snacks /Spices: Our factory is made to international standards and is BRC certified

  • Mangoes ready to be sliced

    Mangoes ready to be sliced

  • Mangoes ready to go into the dehydrator

    Mangoes ready to go into the dehydrator

Our Range

Dried Fruits

Dried Vegetables


Seeds & Spices